I’m just a normal guy that has a lot of interests. After my wife was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes we decided to try and make a difference by creating products that would help kids and young adults living with this disease. PumpPeelz.com was born out of that mission and continues to inspire people around the world. Our only hope is that one day we can move on from this business because of a cure or better treatment for everyone.

Remember to always keep looking up and pushing forward. Have some fun and try to make a difference everyday. The world can be a fun place if you make it your own.




  1. I just found your site here and have been patiently waiting for you to come back on the 19th from your wedding but here it is the 21st and you are still not open! My daughter, almost 12, was diagnosed last year at age 10 and is going through her most embarrassing tween years. She wears an omnipod and I think this is just what she needs to help her not feel so self conscience about wearing her pump! Congrats on your recent marriage! But I need you! I don’t know how else to contact you since I can’t get to your pump peelz site and I do not have Facebook so I can’t contact you there. Can you please tell me when your store will be back open? I don’t even know what your prices are so until you open again, I know nothing!
    Crystal 🙂

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