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OmniSkinz for OmniPod Users: Putting Color in Diabetics Lives

Team Type 1

UPDATE! We haven’t given up on OmniSkinz. But we have created a new product called Pump Peelz. Go to for more info!

What a journey it has been since I originally posted the OmniSkinz Concept on my blog! I’ve met some incredible people and have learned so much from the comments and feedback I’ve received!

I would like to seriously thank everyone for taking the time to take my survey! I also appreciate anyone that emailed OmniPod. They certainly know who we are now!

I’d like to answer some of the most popular questions and I thought the I would share some of the feedback that I received and also put my two cents in as well!

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Ugh, why are you taking so long to get this to the market?

No one actually asked me this. You all are so nice that I’m the one asking myself why I can’t get this out to you faster!

I have spent the last few months pursuing industry contacts, networking, and meeting with companies that could help me get this manufactured. As it turns out, it costs tens of thousands of dollars to make a mold and start production. At least, that was what one company told me.

In the past month, I have been working with a young entrepreneur that has some incredible contacts that wants to push this as much as I do. We have the right connections, the right advisors, now we just need to get some prototypes out for you guys to try out!

Soon. Very soon.

Will the OmniSkinz product be heavy?

This a huge concern! We certainly don’t want to add any extra weight as the pump is already bogged down, especially when you just filled the reservoir.

The prototypes I created use very light plastic. It adds no noticeable weight to the pod!

Will it be customizable?

That is the eventual goal. Right now, we are going to start with basic colors but would like to branch out and start getting custom printed ones.

Perhaps we can get create an app for that?

Is it made of rubber? Or plastic like a turtle shell.

Turtle. Turtle.

Plastic, unless we find something better.

Do you know that there is a new pump coming out? 

You bet! My whole intention was to design this for the Gen 2 OmniPod.

Finally, in my survey I had a place for you to write comments. I thought I would share some with you. After all, your stories are the ones that keep me going and make me realize that this can really make a difference.


I am 25 and working in a professional office atmosphere. I choose not to wear the pods on my arms because I know it would draw attention. If I could use a flesh colored skin on my pod I could finally try out an arm site without worrying that the bright white color will distract everyone. I fully support this idea and would love for OmniPod to pick it up.

My daughter uses a different insulin pump…one that has “skins” available for it already. One of the reasons that she did not want the OmniPod was due to it’s “boring” look. A reusable OmniSkinz might just change her mind.

And finally, this last story is the reason I am pushing to pursue this idea.

I am actually the parent of an 8 year old little girl who has had Type 1 since she was three. She is now getting to the stage where she is conscious about how she looks, what she wears and how her pump looks on her. She gets very embarassed if she thinks people can see her pod. I’ve told her that her Diabetes is part of her, it’s part of who she is and if people see her pod, it’s a great thing. I’ve had people see her pump on her arm or in the summer, under her bathing suit, and ask about it. Every single person is impressed by the design and wireless concept. Even the principal at her school, who is also type 1 has switched from the Minimed to the pod after being educated on it and seeing it in action on my daughter! If this product became available in cute, kid friendly colors she would be less upset that it were visible. Above that, if it attracted the attention of a few more diabetics, it could certainly change lives. I know that this pump changed our lives. I will forever be grateful to the man who told us about this pump. A cute skin for the pod would just take it to the next level of amazing. Thank you so much for your innovation and efforts to develop this idea. Something seemingly so small really does make a world of difference.

Feel free to ask me any questions or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!